Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stairway to Heaven

I'm at it again. And by “it” I’m (sadly) referring to my penchant for procrastination--particularly in maintaining my newly launched blog! Tsk. But all that's about to change because I'll now have one less excuse to use...

Carpet. We have carpet. It sounds weird to even say that because this sentence has had an extra word beginning it for the last nine months: "once," as in "Once we have carpet..." Everything we've been planning to do in the house lately has hinged somehow on this glorious, imaginary day in the far-flung future when we'd have carpeting installed in our upstairs bedroom, hallway, and stairwell. Then, "Once we have carpet, we can move our bedroom furniture upstairs, set up the downstairs bedroom as an office, get the junk out of the living room, pick out more paint colors, blah-blah-blah..." For nine months. Nine months--the time it takes to gestate a human being, for crying out loud. I have boxes in my living room that haven't budged a millimeter since we moved in last September. Well, they're moving now, baby!

I have to say it's a delight to be able to finally take advantage of my entire house. We've been camped out in the downstairs bedroom, which we plan to use as an office. So my nightly ritual has involved worming my way around the computer desk and crawling into our bed which is shoved in the corner on the box spring. (Not on the bed frame--that's in the living room in several pieces, natch.) Our swiveling desk chair has doubled as my nightstand and drawer, so using the computer--that is, if you wanted to sit down in front of it--involved moving my alarm clock, book, piles of pajamas, etc. to the bed every time, and then replacing them afterward. Grrrr. Plus, my husband is still working midnights, so we're on opposite sides of the clock many times. That ruled out using the computer when one of us is trying to sleep, as well as keeping the TV or stereo quiet in the family room just on the other side of the wall. Needless to say, moving our bedroom upstairs has made all of this irrelevant, thank goodness! Of course, that means no more "I can't use the computer" excuses when it comes to my lack of writing, so I'm prepared to buckle down and start a-bloggin'.

Behold the evolution of our upstairs (minus the furniture). Yes, we could have refinished the hardwood floor, but it didn't extend into the adjoining dressing room and walk-in closet. And given the creakiness up there--coupled with my extreme klutziness--it was more rational to opt for some lovely plush carpeting all the way down the stairs. I almost forgot how many layers of primer it took to cover the stenciling in the stairwell and also how knotty and grungy that old carpet was...

The furniture has since migrated its way up there, as well as some temporary window shades, but I've yet to take a photo of that. Anyhow, we are officially sleeping in our cozy new bedroom. Ahhhh. Climbing the stairs never felt so satisfying.

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