Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Birth of a Blog goes nothing. I'm writing for my own enjoyment again after a embarrassingly long hiatus from the practice. I haven't written anything for myself in a few years, so I'll say it loud and clear, folks--consider me officially back on the writing wagon!

To be perfectly honest, I'm not exactly sure what this will evolve into, but I'm setting out not only to write for the sake of it but also to write about the subject most on my mind as of late: the establishment of a home and all it entails. My husband and I just purchased our first house a few months ago, and we've now come to terms with the fact that what we actually purchased was not simply a house but a thirty-year hobby. That's not to say that we aren't thoroughly and madly in love with it--it's just that we have...a little (okay, a LOT) of work ahead of us. Besides the always-growing "honey-do" list of upgrading, renovating, redecorating, and overall maintenance projects that come with owning a house, I'm constantly reminded of the big picture--we're embarking on the creation of a home.

After a couple years of rental living and having tied the knot only a year and a half ago, we were ready to skip the "starter home" step and buy a place that we really wanted to settle down in, make our own, and eventually raise a family. We spent a stressful summer last year shopping around the suburbs of metro Detroit (our adventures in house hunting could have been a separate blog altogether) and nearly purchased a house in Grosse Pointe Woods. However, the planets didn't align for us until, on our way over to visit my in-laws, we happened upon a spacious Cape Cod on a double lot that we had somehow overlooked in Dearborn, where both of us grew up and where our parents still live. Stranger still, the house was less than a block away from my in-laws, less than a mile away from my parents, and within walking distance of our old schools. Could it really be that simple? We had been looking in every place but the one that truly made the most sense. We took a chance, toured the house, fell in love with it, and put in an offer within the next twenty-four hours. In far less time than that, the house was ours.

A couple of newlyweds returning to the neighborhood where they grew up to plant roots? Good grief--it sounds like the makings of a lame sitcom or, worse yet, like some kind of weird reality show I'd find myself mindlessly (yet faithfully) DVR-ing. But have no fear--I'll attempt to transcend the clich
├ęs. It's my hope that I can offer a tip or an idea here and there to fellow homeowners, but by and large this will be a space for me to share our everyday adventures as my husband and I dive headfirst into domesticity. Rest assured, there will be drama, and--oh, I promise--there will be comedy.